About Us

The Midnight Special was formed in early 2019 with a clear intention of playing a type of country rock that was not immediately practiced or heard of in Denmark or abroad.

The band members have all had music as a faithful companion through life, and the time and circumstances were just right for the band to build a portfolio of sincere songs with the right mix of the great variety of elements that make up country as a genre.

The inspiration is taken from half a century’s back catalogue of (country) rock, and in this stew the band has found their own completely unique sound and lyrical universe.

The band refers to their sound as “pigtråds-country” (“pigtråd” being an old Danish byword for the slightly rough-around-the-edges rock n’ roll that emerged in the 60s), where recognizable elements from traditional country are mixed with rock, pop, Folk and Americana.

With the intensity and integrity cranked up, The Midnight Special is the best shot at an authentic Danish country rock band. The band has played several local venues, smaller festivals as well as the big Country Music Meeting in Berlin.

The band consists of:

Kasper Schultz (guitar & vocals)
Jakob William Nielsen (guitar & vocals)
Klaus Beck Jensen (bass)
Jeppe Birkebæk (drums)